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Two months old

Mr. Lucas turned two months old on Easter Sunday (4/8/12).  He is growing so fast, and learning new things constantly.  He has been very vocal, very aware of things around him, and now he is noticing his hands so much more.  He sits there and holds them and looks at them just trying to figure it all out.  He has started to try to hold his bottle.  He has started enjoying his first toy.  It is a crinkly sounding elephant.  He loves the noise it makes, and he especially loves to eat the ears and the little hanging strap on the back of the elephants head.  We got some really cute pictures of him playing with the elephant.

Unfortunately with the two month birthday comes his two month shots.  Which he got today.  He was very unhappy about them.  Poor little guy clearly doesn’t feel well now, but he is a trooper and is being so good.  He currently weighs 13lbs 9 oz and measures 24 3/4 inches long.  He is in the 98th percentile by height and 75th by weight.  The doctor seems very happy with his healthy growth.  At this rate he is going to be very tall.  He is also very strong now, especially in the legs.  He loves to kick things.  And as you can see in the picture below he loves his Daddy.

On the down side mom had to go back to work, but luckily he gets to spend his days with his Grandmother who loves and adores him.  I think Lucas has all of us wrapped around his little fingers.

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Lucas is learning to ‘talk’ to us.

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Family music time

Tonight we had bedtime music instead of stories. Leo played the guitar while Lucas and mom danced and we all had a sing along. Tonights selections included brown eyed girl and American pie…along with pieces of some other songs. We will have to keep lyrics handy next time. Lucas fell in love with the sound of the guitar.

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One month picture

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Lucas birth to 6 weeks old

We have created this website in an effort to keep our distant family members posted on Lucas and his developments.  We will try to keep up with it as much as we can.  If you subscribe you will get an email when we post new information.  Lucas is currently 6 weeks old, but I’m posting about his first six weeks to catch up on things.

Lucas Dylan DeVinney was born on Wednesday February 8, 2012 at 8:16 am.  He was 9 pounds 3 ounces at birth and 21.5 inches long.  He was born at CMC University via C Section by the wonderful Dr. Rollins.  We had to stay at the hospital for 3 days.  He had many visitors at the hospital.  Leo’s Mom was there, Elli’s Mom and Stewart, Elli’s Dad, and Elli’s Grandmother where all there when he was born ready to welcome him in to the world.

It was quite an adjustment for mom and dad when we got home and had to learn to sleep on Lucas time.  We have adjusted to less sleep and learned how to read Lucas and know what he needs.  Lucas has completely taken over the house with all of his gear.  We have his bassinet, his bouncy seat, an exercise ball that he loves to be bounced on, blankets, birp cloths, his floor mat for tummy time, etc…

Lucas has been able to hold his head up for a few seconds since he was born, and he has very strong legs that he loves to kick (of course he’s been kicking those legs since before he was born as we saw on ultrasounds).  His fingers are really long, which will be perfect for playing the piano.

On March 10th we had Lucas Baptized at St Therese.  Thanks to Father Don for fitting us in we were able to have his baptism while his Great Grandmother was still visiting from Florida, and while Elli’s Aunt Silvia was visiting.  We were honored by Michelle and Phil Bischoff with accepting to be his Godparents.  After the baptism we had a lovely breakfast party thrown by Elli’s mom.

Lucas is learning and growing every day.  He is much more alert now.  He seems to recognize his mom and dad, and of course his favorite thing… his bottle of milk.  He used to only smile in his sleep but now he often times will smile at the silly things we do.  He laughs in his sleep which is one of the cutest things ever.  We can’t wait until he laughs while he’s awake.  He is starting to make attempts at talking with his coo noises too.

At his one month doctor visit he weighed 11 pounds and measured 23 inches.  This put him in the 95th percentile for his height and 75th for his weight.  Which means he is a healthy tall boy.  He had a couple of weeks that he was really fussy and we couldn’t figure out why(around 3 weeks old) but that has passed and we can usually figure out what’s wrong when he gets upset now.

Ralphie, our puppy, is adjusting to having a baby around.  He doesn’t get the attention he’s used to which upsets him, but he is very good about being cautious around the baby.  It will be fun when Lucas can play with him.

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First Post!

Lucas has the hiccups and does not feel well.


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